Friday, October 23, 2009

My kids are so darn competetive. Everything has to be a competition with them. We were shopping in Wal-Mart (where else is there to shop?) yesterday. Trinity informed my that she needed to go "potty". Of course she waits until we are right in the middle of the grocery section. Why she didn't tell me ten minutes before when we walked right by the restrooms, I'll never know. It happens every time.

Anyway, she somehow managed to turn this into a race with her older sister. She looked Emma Ray straight in the eyes and said, "Let's race." So they both take off walking very briskly, but still making sure they are not out of my sight. Each of them were saying, "I'm gonna win." We finally arrive at our destination - the Wal Mart restrooms. We all enter quickly, and luckily there were exactly three stalls open. The restroom was pretty full this day. Trinity And I ended up in adjoining stalls. She tells me (very loudly) that "this is a race mom." I try to act nonchalant about it, and just answer (quietly) "yes it is Honey". Then she loudly and excitedly proclaims "IT'S A POTTY RACE." By the way, I don't know why she chose this kind of race. She was just setting herself up for failure. She's always the last one to finish. The girl is the most regular person I know - if you know what I mean.

What do you say to that? I just tried to hide the laughter in my voice, and I replied, "yes, Honey it is, but you can take your time." The whole time I was silently praying no one in the restroom heard her loud voice, and hopefully they did not know me!

Thankfully, we have soccer games in the morning. Maybe that will take care of the competetive energy, at least for a while.

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