Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Little Red Head

Trinity turned six last month. I can't believe that my baby girl is really not a baby at all! In fact, she rode 49 laps at the CCS Bike A Thon on Friday. Her athleticism and determination amaze me sometimes. She is now playing her fifth season of soccer. She also played basketball for the first time this winter. She seems to enjoy playing sports. I hope I can help her find God's purpose for her life, and help her fulfill that purpose. She has always been an easy child to raise. She is such a pleaser with a servant's heart. So far, she has made it through all of kindergarten with no color changes. She is very serious about following the rules. Her teacher laughs at how she doesn't like it when it gets loud or when the other kids act out. She can always tell me which children had light changes. She is definitely the loner of my three children. On Saturday mornings, my kiddos will often pile up in the bed with me. Trinity will always get on one side of me, while Coooper and Emma Ray lay on the other side. Trinity loves to snuggle with me or her dad, but she doesn't want anyone else to touch her. I often say she reminds me of a cat. She wants attention on her own terms. While Cooper and Emma Ray enjoy showing affection to one another, she often prefers to be left alone. I do love the fact that she and her sister still love to sleep together. Although they might not start out the night snuggling, I usually find them stuck to each other in the morning. Trinity often looks to Emma Ray as a second mom. If she is unsure of a situation, it is not unusual for her to look to Emma Ray for courage. I pray that they will remain close throughout their lives. Out of my three kids, she is definitely the dirty one! It doesn't matter where we go or what we do, she always ends up with a dirty face and stained clothes. I find great humor in the fact that God gave her such beautiful red hair, yet she is not very concerned with the way she looks. She definitely does not like to have her hair fixed. It is a fight to brush it every day. So far, her beauty is lost on her. I hope that she remains that humble. I even laugh about the way she walks in flip flops. She looks like a fish out of water. This is so unlike her sister, who was wearing my flip flops and trying on everyone's shoes from the time she could walk. They could not be more different.