Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a Cuppy

Early this morning, I was abruptly awakened by my baby boy asking for his "sippy". As usual, he had wandered in sometime during the wee morning hours. I stumbled into the kitchen to pour some juice in his sippy cup. I wandered back to my room, and snuggled up next my boy. He was suddenly very content. All was perfect in his world again. Then suddenly it hit me!

What happened to "cuppy"? This has been his name for his sippy cup since he had a name for it. This is his cute mispronunciation or combination of the words sippy and cup. Eventually, he settled on "cuppy". Why is he now calling it a "sippy"? It is just another jolting reminder that my baby is growing up.

Several nights ago, Cooper was in the floor playing with a hermit crab. The same one's that he warns everyone about, saying, "the crab bite your penis". All of that thanks to his father's weird imagination and relentless teasing. He yelled in the other room to his big sister, "Come look at this Emma!" She entered the room saying, "I'll look if you'll call me MeRay instead of Emma." You see, "Me Ray" is what he has always called her. It is another one of his cute mispronunciations. Me Ray is his way of saying Emma Ray. In that moment, the big sister all of seven, also noticed that his cute and innocent "babiness" was slipping away. Much like her mom, she was trying desperately to stop the process. Can I just put a brick on his head and make it stop?

Pretty soon, I know that my sweet four year old middle child will realize that we live on Pleasant Valley Road. Man will I miss her telling me that we live on "Villey Valley" road. I guess it is just the natural coarse of progression. After all, it would be a shame for her to incorrectly fill out the address section of her college applications!
Missing My Baby,
Cooper's Mom

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