Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Purple Fairy

As Halloween began to approach, all of my kiddos started to talk about how they wanted to dress up. God love her, Trinity was so easy. She only had two criteria: it had to have wings and it needed to be purple. How simple is that? I spotted a purple fairy costume in Wal Mart that same week. I popped it in the basket, and we were done. As soon as she saw it, she was thoroughly pleased. She is my pleaser child. She is easy to please, and she likes to please others.

She did however enjoy having me paint her face. She thought that was pretty fun. I bet she checked herself out in the mirror twenty times before i was finished. This was surprising coming from the girl who could usually care less how she looks! In the end, we were both pretty tickled with the way she looked. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. I might be a little bit biased though.

Emma Ray was, of course, a little more difficult to please. We found her costume on the internet. After much searching in stores, I ended up having to order it on-line. That was not a cheap purchase. I began wondering why I had ever even showed her the picture. After she saw it and made her decision, there was no turning back. She was going to be Lolly the Clown.

Yes, her brother is stepping on her foot - on purpose! He was very amused with himself. He liked is because she couldn't yell at him until she was done smiling for the picture.

After much anticipation, Halloween day finally arrived. The girls both had soccer games that morning. Lo and behold, Emma Ray decided to go to her G's house after the game. At the football game the night before, she had somehow sweet talked her Poppie into letting her spend the night and then bringing her to soccer the next morning. I think he is just a sucker for cute little girls that bat their eyes. Anyway, she wanted to help her G set up a booth at the church Halloween carnival. This meant that she had to get ready very quickly at the carnival.

In the end she seemed to care the least about getting all gussied up. I think she only wore the entire outfit for a total of fifteen minutes. It didn't take her long to shed the shoes and wig in order to jump and slide. She never ceases to amaze me!

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